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“Showcasing Business Potential of Houston’s Fifth Ward”

The 5th Ward Community has been a backbone for the neighborhood from when it was first settled in the 1860s.  The 5th Ward Chamber of Commerce was founded in March 2018 by six individuals who own businesses in the 5th Ward Community and aspired to make 5th Ward the perfect place to do business.

The Chamber promotes community growth by facilitating partnerships within our membership, local government, & community. The Chamber’s positioning, in central Houston, creates unique opportunities for our members to grow their businesses and their professional networks, thereby benefiting the community we all share.


The Chamber’s events provide members opportunities to gather and grow their professional and personal networks. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. They need to be nurtured and protected and deserve the support of large businesses and the community. Join us in our focus to help small business


The Chamber’s Goal is quite simple. We want to identify the businesses in the 5th Ward and surrounding areas, become a catalyst for those businesses to successfully collaborate with each other, and encourage new entrepreneurship.

We are proud to have been featured in the Sunday Edition of the Houston Chronicle Newspaper November 11th,  2018,  only 6 months after launching the Chamber. An article titled “Residents Embrace Fifth Ward’s Renewal”.  Today, the Chamber serves over 100 members.

Our website offers access to the chamber’s business directory, advertising, and social media presence.

For those looking for networking and business development, the 5th Ward Chamber of Commerce Membership offers special events and Programs designed to grow your business.


You will receive regular updates on the impact the chamber is having on the 5th Ward Community and all Chamber Events.

Join us and help make the 5th Ward Community

a great place to build a business.

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