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The youngstown group

The Youngstown Group is a group of small business owners from Youngstown Ohio currently residing in Houston, Texas.

Our Mission is to inspire the world, refresh our youth with optimism, make and create a difference with courage to shape a better future.

We are vested in various local businesses ranging from lawn care, storage, music services, banquet hall rentals, coffee services, volunteering and providing consulting services for small startup businesses.

The Youngstown Group provides seminars on Medicare, Social Security and Retirement Benefits.

We joined the 5th Ward Chamber of Commerce when it originated in 2018.  Our Goal is to network with other chamber members to broaden our customer base. We hope to utilize the Chamber’s platform to enlighten Chamber Members and the 5th Ward Community of the Youngstown Group’s work.

We look forward to continued collaboration with the 5th Ward Chamber of Commerce and the 5th Ward Community.


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5901 Market Street #15403 Houston, Texas 77020


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