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Meet the President

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Bridgette Dorian is a native of the 5th Ward Community located in Houston, Texas. Born, raised and still a resident of the 5th Ward Community, Miss Dorian is no stranger to entrepreneurship or community service. Her family owned and operated the legendary C & L Shoe and Boot Repair shop that served the community for 50 years, her Dad Louis Dorian was the sole proprietor.


Insisting their children were educated in the Community in which they lived and worked, Bridgette attended Our Mother of Mercy Catholic School (grades K-8) and Phillis Wheatley High School (grades 10- 12). Bridgette’s career focus was Administration and Human Resources.

Continuing the family’s entrepreneurial spirit, Environmental Consultants and Management Services (ECMS, Inc) was founded by Bridgette’s brother Tyrone Dorian in 1993. In 1994, Bridgette joined the ECMS team in an administrative role that included Environmental Services Management and Administrative Services.

Seventeen years ago the two decided to move the business into the 5th Ward Community in the same building that was home to C & L Shoe and Boot Repair. Bridgette fulfills the role as Sr. Environmental Manager/Coordinator, with more than 15 years experience leading the Environmental Department in administrative, technical and field operational activities. These operations include conducting Environmental Site Assessments, specialized services necessary for Environmental Safety, evaluating survey projects and making recommendations to correct unsafe violations of federal and state environmental laws and tracks the progress, performances, budget and time line execution of each project.

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Community Service 


Miss Dorian’s Community Services presently include:

  • Fifth Ward Community Redevelopment Corporation                                                                                                   Board Member (10 years-present)                                                                                                                                         Governance Committee & Marketing Committee

  • Fifth Ward Chamber of Commerce - President 

         Founding Member

  • Lyons Avenue Annual Renaissance Festival

      Outreach Committee -Chairperson (10 years-present)

  • Buffalo Bayou Partnership 5th Ward/East End Committee

  • Rail Safety Taskforce Committee


  • Fifth Ward Quality of Life Agreement - Committee

  • 5th Ward Go Neighborhood

  • EMCArts Adaptive Leadership Training

  • Texas Metropolitan Organization (TMO)-Get Out to Vote




  • 5th Ward RE-Engagement Initiative 

      Workforce Solution, 5th Ward Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Job Fair 

  • Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church 

        Member for Over 50 Years 

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