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Dr. Reagan Flowers



The World is my Platform…Educating Teachers and Students is my Passion…C-STEM is my Vehicle.

If you are looking for a cause-driven social changer, pioneer, innovator, and entrepreneur, then look no further than Dr. Reagan Flowers. She is redefining traditional education and changing the way people see, think, and experience STEM. She is the President and CEO of C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc. and serves as the Chief Knowledge Officer for Education Consulting Services, LLC.

Dr. Flowers’ high-level STEM engagement strategies are life changing. She attributes her success to the caring, loving, and challenging teachers she had growing up. These educators expected greatness and were the village that invested in her development.

As a child Dr. Flowers grew up in Detroit, Michigan and later moved to Cleveland, Mississippi. Dr. Flowers’ faith in God, ability to dream, and resilience is what allows her to rise above circumstances and work through challenges. Having been retained in second grade and promoted to fifth grade without knowing how to multiply, Dr. Flowers completed high school in three years. She is a first-generation high school and college graduate in her family.

Dr. Flowers began her teaching career at Jack Yates High School in Houston’s Third Ward. She won a grant from NASA for her students to build a robot. That opportunity led to the first robotics team at Yates. The lesson Dr. Flowers learned from that experience that teaching students how to communicate and share their knowledge was just as important as teaching them STEM. This is how she got the idea for C-STEM. It started out as her doctoral program social action research project that evolved into a non-profit organization in 2002.

With C-STEM as her vehicle, Dr. Flowers has been a trailblazer, engaging and inspiring thousands in over 42 countries. She has received notable recognition from the White House as a STEM Access Champion of Change, World Innovation Summit on Education Finalist, and 100 Women Leaders in STEM for her work towards bridging the STEM achievement gap impacting minorities and female students. Her philanthropic efforts have raised millions of dollars to support C-STEM experiences and opportunities for students and teachers.

Dr. Flowers holds a B.S. in Biology from Texas Southern University, M.A. in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University, and Ph.D. in Education Leadership from the Union Institute and University. She has the unwavering support of her loving husband and finds delight in watching others enjoy a meal she has prepared, listening to great music, and travelling the world.

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